We are OASCO,
a Consultancy for Winners

We help our clients take their business to the next level


It is important to establish a strong brand identity with your customers. We make sure you are putting your business’ best foot forward at all times.


A website is your business’ home on the internet where new customers will have their first impression. With a mobile-first and highly functional website, we turn digital visits into physical visits.


Cut advertising costs and drive organic traffic to your website. We ensure your website ranks well in search engines with regular updates and maintenance.

Social Media Management

Build a following on social media and grow your brand identity. With our social media marketing and management expertise, we will make your brand legendary!

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can help drive traffic to your website and business, but done poorly, it can be a real resource sink. Using a specially designed advertising strategy for your business, we will maximize your ROI for advertising.


We could an army of customers to your business with our digital marketing expertise, but if they have no reason to return, your business will still be unsuccessful. We provide consultancy services to ensure returning customers and take your business to the next level.


We boost our clients to success

Dedicated Team

Our team has been specially assembled to provide the best value to our clients. We work day in and day out to ensure client satisfaction.

Full Stack Services

We cover all aspects of digital marketing, from advertising to content, to drive customers to your business. Worry more about serving customers less about bringing them in.

Customized Solutions

No two businesses are the same, so we’re not going to apply a generic solution to your business. We design a custom solution for your business aligned with your vision to maintain its integrity and ensure its success.


Your OP companion

It's dangerous to go alone, take us along with you to grow your company and conquer the world! (Or at least your market)

Digital Marketing

Your trusted council

Do. Or do not. There is no try. Your business needs customers. We’ll bring them to you.


Our team is focused, driven, and amazing at what we do

Demilade Shoyombo

Brand Consultant

Toba Shoyombo

Lead Developer

Dani Cordova

Social Media Specialist

Gabi Benavidez

Digital Marketing Strategist

Our Process

Our process ensures maximum ROI for your business

01. Research

We take a solid look at your business’ metrics, figure out what’s necessary to reach your goals, and determine the best way to capture your target market.

02. Strategize

After we’ve gathered all the information necessary, we begin to put together a customized digital marketing and customer acquisition strategy. This allows us to learn quickly without wasting resources.

03. Execute

With our specialized strategy in hand, we flip the switch and execute it to help your business reach its goals and get to the next level.


Let`s grow your business together

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123 6th St.
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44 Shirley Ave.
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New York

514 S. Magnolia St.
Manhattan, NY 32806

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